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Offering small town values in a big customer service way for over 20 years.

About Us. 

Our Story.


Kirby Engineering is a family owned and operated business, located in the middle of opportunity- Williston North Dakota.  We have over 20 years of experience, and hold Professional Engineer licenses in three states –Oregon, North Dakota, and South Dakota, with direct on the ground practice in each of these states.  We have been working on the ground in western North Dakota since the beginning of 2012.


Eric Kirby, Professional Engineer, started his career with a small firm in Lebanon Oregon.  He grew to provide his services and expertise through out the Willamette Valley and Western part of Oregon to a unique clientele mix, from large developers to the smaller scale homeowners.  Both clients, and all in-between, require important services for their projects whether it be big or small.  Working directly with the vast difference of clients allowed Eric to step out of the normal ‘Engineer” stereotype.  Eric excels at  engineering and construction details, he quickly built solid rapport with various municipalities- from local city and county, to state and federal epa and deq.  Even more, Eric is able to thoroughly communicate on these various levels.  Working with a commercial developer requires different communication skills and styles then working with the good ol’ boy farmer splitting a piece or changing the zoning of his multiple generations-family own farm, or the young couple invested in building a new home.  Working here for 10 years gave Eric ample opportunity to hone his communication skills.


In 2007, Eric and his licensed Survey partner Deron Crawford, stuck out to start their own firm: Kirby and Crawford, Engineering and Land Surveying.  Moving from Engineer to now Engineer and business owner was expected to be a large leap, but Eric took it all in stride.  The first years of business were even more successful than expected.  Where Kirby and Crawford had started out with just the two partners, staffing was now up to 7 employees.  Kirby and Crawford were pleased with the thriving business and growth. 


At the end of 2011 Eric realized the biggest project he was involved with, was an RV park in North Dakota for a developer he worked with previously in Oregon.  The developer had been encouraging Eric for over a year to come check out the “New Wild West.”  Now was the time to do so. 


After being in North Dakota for a month, Eric convinced his beautiful wife that this is where they wanted to relocate and raise their family.  North Dakota is where the opportunity is, where the work is, and where they could make a difference.  And that is the start of Kirby Engineering, in Western North Dakota.

Surveying, Civil Engineering in Western North Dakota, Williston, Consulting, Land Development
Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Consulting in North Dakota, Land Development
Surveyor, Civil Engineer in North Dakota, Consulting and Land Development
Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Consulting in North Dakota, Land Development, surveyor
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